Welcome to MOTIS Operandi . . . our "NOT-SO-STANDARD" operating procedure for using high speed Internet to manage, market
and grow your business.

Comcast's Marketing on the Internet Service (MOTIS) helps you implement powerful business activities designed to help your
business succeed. We'll provide a valuable playbook that contains
an elaborate array of products, services and activities that will help
you get the most from your high speed Internet connection.

To qualify for the MOTIS Playbook, you must be a COMCAST BUSINESS CLASS client. Our BUSINESS CLASS service includes:

       - Internet Service - Lightning fast speeds up to 8 mbps download
                                         and up to 1 mbps upload speed.
       - Digital Voice - In early Fall, we will be offering up to 8 lines.
       - Digital TV - Get some or all of our great content.

Once you become a COMCAST BUSINESS CLASS client, you will have access to the MOTIS PLAYBOOK.

MOTIS PLAYBOOK - A valuable list of marketing services designed
to help you and your employees maximize the benefits of using our
blazing fast internet service.

For more information, Contact your Comcast Account Executive



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