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Cross Container is a corrugated box manufacturer that recently celebrated 25 years in business. Our specialty is custom, made-to-order corrugated boxes. We carry a complete line of stock boxes and related packaging supplies.

Our knowledgeable sales staff will take your project from concept through the design & sampling process, all the way to production and delivery of finished boxes. When you call with your next project, we will offer you:

FREE Samples
- For your peace of mind we can supply a custom sample for your approval before our actual production run. This will ensure both your company and ours of your complete satisfaction.

QUALITY Printing & Cutting Dies - With our strong vendor relationships we are able to obtain for you the best cutting and printing plates the industry has to offer, at very affordable prices. The typical lead-time for cutting and or print plates is approximately four to six days from the time the samples and artwork are approved.

VARIETY of COLOR Inks - The ink colors that are used for your products, be it one color or up to four are purchased from the leader in the ink market today. Our in house ink is based on GCMI colors with the ability to match specialty inks per your request. A wide variety of Pantone Colors can also be purchased should your company so desire.

QUICK Product Lead Times - Typical lead-time is considered one week or less from the date your orders are placed. Very often your orders can be delivered within that same week, depending on machine time and our delivery schedule. For any new projects, once the cutting and or print plates are in our house the above lead times apply.

EXCELLENT Raw Materials - We stock a wide assortment of quality materials on our floor including 200C, 275C and 275DW for the rush jobs. We have strong relationships with the leading manufacturers of corrugated in the area for your quick 2-3 day custom sheet orders.




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