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2007 FB Championship
Elimination Brackets


* * * * *  TOURNEY FINALS  * * * * *

The games are now completed . . . the Champions have been decided and this years events have drawn to a resoundingly successful close . . . While you can view all the stats, results & sample photos info by clicking on the links, here we'll fill you in a bit on how the final day concluded . . . In the 18u age division their kicked off their game under the dome of Tropicana field at 6:10pm, after the Tampa Bay Devil Rays grabbed a much needed win over the MLB AL Eastern Division leading Boston Red Sox . . . The Home team of the Savannah Chain of Georgia took an early lead, thoroughly dominated play and never looked back as the visiting team, American National Eagles of Missouri found themselves on the wrong end of a 13-0 score . . . still, the contest was a good one with lots of action . . . Dave Meisburger began the game announcing & Scott Fletcher tagged in midway through the game . . . In 16u action, once the 18u game was completed it was now time for the younger age division to take the field . . . In a much closer game the Home team WHC Renegades of Maryland found a way to keep their opponents, the Big Stix Gamers of Georgia, off the scoreboard and recorded the 7th innings final out with the score going final at 3-0 Renegades . . . Dave & Scott once again teamed up to share announcing duties and the fans enjoyed the close battle on the field . . . Now everyone gets a month or so to sit back & regroup for the Fall season . . . Scott announced that he's looking to host a Fall event, so stay tuned for all the upcoming details . . . after a brief rest everyone can start putting new teams together for the Fall & Spring slate of competitions & we'll see you at some point throughout the season when we announce our dates for the 2008 Fletcher Baseball Championships . . . until then we wish everyone good luck & enjoy great baseball!!!

* * * * *  DAY 5  * * * * *

Well the road has now been traveled & many teams have dropped by the wayside, but the survivors shall reap the rewards of competing for their Championship dreams to come true on Sunday evening under the dome at Tropicana Stadium . . . In the 16u age division the top-seeded WHC Renegades of Maryland battled their way back through the Challenger's bracket and bested the 16u Jefferson County Blazers of Missouri in two straight games to garner the A Championship Elimination bracket title . . . in B Championship Elimination bracket play the Big Stix Gamers of Georgia took advantage of their Winner's bracket position and stopped the 2nd-seeded Washington Brewers of Washington state from making a comeback bid of their own . . . So now the WHC Renegades , by virtue of their #1 seeding, will host the visiting Big Stix Gamers in a Championship match that will follow the 18u final game . . . Speaking of the 18u age division, the Savannah Chain of Georgia had a smooth ride and tallied an unbeaten record in both Pool & Championship bracket play . . . but there's one more game to go and, as the saying goes . . . "anything can happen, that's why the games are played" . . . Looking forward to more than "just a game" are the Chain's opponents, the American National Eagles of Missouri . . . in a tough-fought extra-inning battle of their own the Eagles are celebrating a fantastic come-from-behind victory over the Big Stix Gamers-18 of Georgia to qualify for the 18u Championship final game . . . now the challenge is to find out if there's enough pitching strength left after that back & forth game to survive the upcoming match-up with the undefeated "Chain-gang" . . . Come out and join us at the Tampa Bay Devil Rays' Tropicana Field tomorrow, Sunday, July 29th . . . the games are slated to begin at roughly 5pm, but delays may be necessary if the Ray's game goes long as they finish up a MLB Eastern Division series against the Boston Red Sox . . . once that game is done our 2007 Fletcher Baseball Championships will get underway . . . Fans planning on attending the game should be reminded that the concession stands will be closed once the Devil Rays game is concluded, so you are encouraged to bring plastic containers of beverages and even coolers of food items . . . entrance into the stadium for the Fletcher Baseball Championships will be through the Dome's Centerfield gate, Gate #7 . . . We look forward to seeing everyone there . . . congratulations to our Final Four teams for your accomplishment . . . and to all the others that came and gave it their best shot, including our 16u Silver Bracket Champions , the Cincinnati Bulldogs of Ohio . . . and the 18u Silver Bracket Champions , the Team Connecticut Blue Jays of Connecticut . . . Don't forget to order your set of tournament photo CD's . . . for only $100 you will be supplied with over 5,000 photos of excellent quality 2007 game action & candid shots that were taken throughout this year's tournament . . . you can preview some of the shots here on our website . . . to order your Photo CD set, contact Dave Meisburger @ (770) 256-9800 or by way of email at . . . you can pick them up in person at our Radisson tournament headquarters hotel, or have them shipped to you for an additional $20 . . . We hope to see everyone come back again next year and join in the quest to be a Fletcher Baseball Champion for 2008!!! * * * * *

* * * * *  DAY 4  * * * * *

The action matched the field temperatures today . . . HOT . . . in Championship bracket play . . . it appears that being a top seed isn't the advantage it should be this year, as 3 of the top 4 #1 & #2 seeds lost during this 1st day of Elimination play . . . the #1 seed 16u WHC Renegades, MD , lost to the #8 seed 16u Jefferson County Blazers, MO . . . the #2 seed 16u Washington Brewers, WA , lost to the #7 seed 16u Bix Stix Gamers, GA . . . and in 18u action it was the #1 seed 18u Maryland Mavericks, MD , coming up short against the #9 seed 18u Jefferson County Blazers, MO  . . . these 3 teams now find themselves having to fight their way through the Challenger's side of the bracket to keep their Championship hopes alive . . . On Friday ( tomorrow ) the field action will be shorter to allow the teams to travel to see the hometown Tamp Bay Devil Rays take on the MLB AL Eastern Division leading Boston Red Sox . . . all Fletcher Baseball teams have been provided with the opportunity to view this sold-out game and will be on hand to view the pros in action . . . Check out all the results, scores, stats, photos & more by clicking on the appropriate weblinks above . . . and don't forget to order your Photo CD's of ALL the action shots . . . the links above only allow you to view a very select few of the thousands of photos taken so far for the tournament . . . $100 get's you the complete Photo CD set and you can copy & share it to your hearts content between the team players, families & fans . . . contact Dave @ (770) 256-9800 or by email at to reserve your copy today . . . * * * * *

* * * * *  DAY 3  * * * * *

Well, we've reached the halfway point . . . all Pool play has been completed and Bracket play began today . . . The sun was out and the temperatures were high as the 16u age division completed Silver Bracket play . . . in the Championship match, the Cincinnati Bulldogs, OH,  and Tampa Bay Giants, FL ,  battled back & forth with tie after tie all the way into the 9th inning before the Bulldogs broke out on top to claim the Silver Bracket Championship Title by a 12-9 tally . . . in Championship bracket play both the #1 WHC Renegades, MD, & #2 Washington Brewers, WA, seeds lost their opening games and are now going to have to fight their way back through the challengers side of the bracket if either of them are to continue their title hopes . . . On the 18u fields the Pool play concluded and the teams got seeded into their Championship & Silver brackets . . . sitting on top of the seeding is the Maryland Mavericks, MD , followed by #2 Savannah Chain of GA, #3 Seminoles Baseball of FL, and #4 Big Stix Gamers-18 also of GA . . . Stay tuned for all the action as Friday's games will whittle the number of teams drastically in all age division brackets . . . We hope you've been enjoying our photos of the event . . . if you're interested in obtaining a CD set of ALL the tournament event photos ( there are now over 3,000 of them for our 1st 3 days, with 3 more days of action to go ), then contact Dave by email or phone at . . . or (770) 256-9800 . . . the CD set will run you $100 and you'll get ALL the thousands and thousands of photos that we will have compiled by the end of the tournament . . .

* * * * *


* * * * * DAY 2 * * * * *

Wednesday's Pool action is now completed and final for the 16u FBC age division & both Championship & Silver brackets are now set & will begin play on Thursday morning . . .

In the 18u FBC age division Pool play continues for the first two time slots on Thursday and ALL teams are reminded to check-in after the games with Dave or Scott . . .  (770) 256-9800 or (770) 401-8642 . . . to find out their Pool play final standings & seeding into the Championship & Silver brackets, which begin play on Thursday @ 2:15pm at the Naimoli complex . . .

Photos are also posted for Day #1 for the 18u age division and for Day #2 for the 16u age division . . .  781 photos were taken on Tuesday for the 18u action & 2071 photos were taken capturing the 16u action for the day . . .  with more on-field photo action still to come . . .

If you would like a complete photo disk set, simply contact Dave @ (770) 256-9800  . . . you can receive the  ENTIRE St. Petersburg, FL, Fletcher Baseball Tournament photo set for only $100!!!   Buy a personal set for yourself, or share one amongst your team . . . either way it's a great way to remember your experiences!!!

* * * * *

* * * * * DAY 1 * * * * *

Well, the teams are here, checked in & everyone's ready to
begin our 1st set of Pool games as scheduled for 8:00am
Monday morning . . . Mother nature decided to rain on our
parade . . . literally . . . as our 2007 FBC 16u & 18u Opening
Ceremony that was scheduled for 4:00pm at the Naimoli
Training Complex ending up being canceled due to
receiving a very wet reception . . . No fear, because we
stayed off the fields, they're still in perfect condition, and
figure to be so for the entire 2007 Fletcher Baseball
Championships 16u & 18u Tournament , just as you
would expect from a professional grounds crew, such
as the one here for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays . . . So
come back & check out the website Monday evening to
view the first day's results & stats and follow all the team
and individual performances . . . whether you've come
a-visitin' here in St. Petersburg, FL, or whether you're
doing so from home or work, we'll keep you posted on
all the latest news & happenings right here at
. . .

Dave Meisburger FBC Coordinator

* * * * *


* * * * *

Are you ready???

The teams are beginning their travel to St. Petersburg, FL, to
participate in the 2007 16u & 18u Fletcher Baseball Championships

. . . Team Registration begins on Sunday, July 22nd , from
6-9pm and will continue on Monday, July 23rd , from 8am-Noon

. . . all Team Managers and/or a Team Coaching Representative
are requested to attend the Coaches Meeting @ 10am  on
Monday, July 23rd at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center,
St Peterburg/Pinellas Park, 12600 Roosevelt Boulevard ,
St. Petersburg FL 33716, (727) 572-7800

 . . . at the meeting we will cover all the details of the tournament,
schedules, rules information, any Tournament modifications & more

. . . please click on the above red tabs for additional online information

. . . have a safe trip & we'll see you at Registration!!!

* * * * *

Dear Coaches, Players, Parents and Fans:

This year's event has everything you could want in a youth baseball tournament. Great fields, super staff, fun schedule
of events and an all-star cast of organizers, volunteers and amentities.

The City of St. Petersburg is excited to host this years 16
&18 year old and under Championships. The city, Chamber
of Commerce and the resdients of St. Petersburg look
forward to your arrival.

Dear Fletcher Baseball:

"I just finished playing in your tournament in St. Petersburg, FL, and I must say I had the best time of my life. The ball fields were in very good shape and well taken care of. We were a decent team, and we were eliminated on the second day of tournament play. The competition down there was great and tough.

My dream is to play college ball which is pretty much every boys dream and playing in these tournaments will hopefully help. I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to play. Thank you for your time. Please let me know of any more of your tournaments and when and where they are cause I would love to play!"

TC Wethington
Cincinnati Wolfpack


Tampa Bay Devil Rays Minor League Spring Training Complex:

   The Raymond A. Naimoli Baseball Complex >>>
7901 30th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710





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