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Join the area's leading health, wellness, fitness, sports, sport training and outdoor adventure companies and see the latest products, services and programs designed to help you enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. Come see the latest in health & fitness services, nutritional products, sport-specific training programs, weight loss programs, skin care products, personal training programs, pain management techniques, professional medical services and many other wellness products, programs and services. This event is designed to help you achieve optimal health and fitness and enjoy your life to its fullest!!!



If you are looking for some good advice, stop by and talk to a personal trainer, a medical service provider, a coach, or medical professional. If you are looking for a specialist to help you relax, deal with pain, lose some weight, quit smoking, get better at a sport, learn a new sport, or simply create an outdoor adventure to create a memory for a lifetime, you will be able to find it @ one of our Pavilons. Click here to see the amazing list of subjects covered at the Fit 4 Life Expo.


Carpal Tunnel Screenings l Meridian Stress Assessments l QXCI Whole Systems Biofeedback l MyoVision Exams l Business Opportunity Presentations l Door Prizes l Chair Massages l Reflexology l Guest Passes l Seminars l Advice l And more . . .

                                  SOMETHING 4 EVERYONE!
Everyone - from mom and dad to kids and seniors - from the serious athlete to the weekend warrior - from coaches and trainers to teachers and students - from health club members to home fitness enthusiasts, everyone can find something to help them achieve optimal health and wellness at the Fit 4 Life Expo.

Attend the FIT 4 LIFE EXPO and make this the year you get in the best shape of your life. Make going to this event a priority and you'll be well on our way toward getting healthy and pain free. By attending, you'll meet industry experts that will help you improve your health and point you in the right direction toward achieving your fitness goals.


You'll be able to meet with exhibitors representing the whole spectrum of health and wellness. You can see the latest in home fitness equipment, nutritional programs, personal trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists, sports camps, park district programs and more. This health fair and expo will have something for everyone; moms, dads, kids, seniors, coaches, players, students and industry experts.


Take a stroll in our Educational Career Fair and see what schools are offering in career paths to address the growing concerns of today's health conscious consumer. Take part in the energetic, exciting atmosphere to improve your health and reconnect with your youth.


If you have products or services that can help improve one's abilities, then you should consider exhibiting at the Expo. This year's show will feature many promotional activities designed to attract attendees in large numbers. We will be giving away FREE products, passes, gift certificates. samples and more! For more information on how to exhibit, START HERE.


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