THE FITNESS ZONE that is . . .

The Fitness Zone is a dedicated fitness
center for children ages 6-14 and is
created on a foundation of fun, while
instilling sound health and fitness
concepts to further develop a child's

concentration, decision-making,
teamwork, & social skills.

Designed to improve a child's health and fitness, our certified training staff will instruct and supervise our "fit for life"
activities and programs.

AGE SPECIFIC: Fitness classes
are designed to be age specific.
Each of our age groups, 6-9 years, 10-12 years, and 13-14 years will concentrate on activities and programs that recognize their emotional, social and physical development levels. The Fitness Zone focuses on the development of the whole child.
has fun activities scheduled to improve
one’s conditioning. Our programs include
Get Up & Move, Kid’s Yoga, Stability
Ball, Resistance Training, Balance and
Core, Healthy Eating and a variety of
other classes designed to offer complete
fitness development.
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