The driving force behind the creative efforts as seen in this portfolio is a career spent helping others. While honing the craft with 5+ years in the Xerox Corporation learning how to apply the art and science of graphics and computer-based marketing services, we went on to assist Fortune 500 clients with the production of their presentation materials, marketing collateral and sales support needs.

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Launching the Creative Intelligence Agency with help from friend and talented illustrator Larry Maier, allowed us to sign up & help several companies with their identity packages, brochures and other marketing materials. One of our first launches was the popular active-wear clothing distributor Active Impressions.

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The Solution Shop was founded in 1989. Our mission was to place a greater emphasis on providing sales and marketing solutions. We wanted to compliment our service-oriented project management services with our innovative graphics. The vision of The Solution Shop was to bring our creativity and hard work to the client on a short-term basis so we could positively impact their bottom line with an increase in sales and revenues.

Our ability to start and finish projects is invaluable. When you need to get something done and have it done with flair, style and creativity, give us a call.
At the Solution Shop, we deliver solutions that work.